Monday, April 19, 2010

Love Quote 1

In A Whirl...

Her raven tresses lay soft & sure
Like a waterfall, so clear, so pure,
Upon her shoulders, snowy white
Like the moonlit glow on a winter's night.

Her eyes alight with passion anew
Like the meadows glittering morning dew,
Burn deep into my heart & mind
Like a Summers day her beauty shined.

Her touch so gentle, velvet hands
Like the deserts rolling, warming sands,
Sends tingles through my very soul
Like an Autumn days romantic stroll.

Her heart so fragile yet warm & strong
Like the Larks most enchanting song,
Causes me to stumble & fall
Like a baby's first attempts to crawl.

Her very being excites me so
Like a fairground ride, my senses glow
She'll be forever my model girl
And I'll be forever in a whirl..

- Ashley Peter Loasby -

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